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Amateur Spanking on the Web

bondagebrushthumb.jpg (5436 bytes)

Miss Alex, Webmistress Offer both a free site (Adult Check) and a large member's area.  Alex can be found both giving and receiving many punishment type spankings.  They have mostly videos of her, but do offer a few video capture stills.  I think she has the finest ass of any of the amateur spankees on the net.

Bigholedrosey.jpg (5909 bytes)

RoseyBtm. Originally featured at, she now has her own site  On her site there is a large collection of her personal spanking and punishment pics.  She also has a nice selection of journal entries describing her exploration into the world of D/S.  There are videos of her taking pretty severe paddling/canings/strappings at

ash11.jpg (13644 bytes)

Ashley, Ashley’s Red Delicious - A fairly comprehensive site that is protected by agecheck.  Her galleries feature mainstream spanking pics, artwork, as well as original pics and video.  She does update on occasion and her site is easy to navigate. 

sttb13.jpg (4144 bytes)

Texas Brat.  A new page, , that features an amateur who submits to frequent punishments.  Many pics and stories written by her. Information on how to contact her is on the page.

tn_chr001_jpg.jpg (2281 bytes)

Diana OTK, Featured on the Diane OTK Tribute Page.  I am not sure if this person collected these pics or if they originated here.  This is a free site that has 11 galleries that show photo sequences of various spankings of this young lady.

urpunish3thumb.jpg (5463 bytes)

Webmaster,  For you lovers of F/m, it doesn't get any better than this for real punishment video on the internet.  He is subject to frequent and severe beatings and they videotape it all and put it on their website.

cane3.jpg (13758 bytes)

Unknown, The husband of the lady who runs Punished Males also takes his fair share of discipline.  She has many tips, pics, and video of how to keep your man in line. 

rn17m01.jpg (22421 bytes)

Dr.Schertel.  A spanking page from the Czech Republic.  There are pictures that are from the "privately owned reform school" that show many different young girls  getting, what appear to be, very real punishments.  All of these pics are great, if you know more about these photos or videos that go with them,  please send us an e-mail.
Do you have a quality amateur spanking site that features YOUR pictures or videos?  If so, submit your link here to be reviewed:

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