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Site reviews
Over the years we have looked at many website, both good and bad.  This section is a chance for us to give you an idea of what websites we have been to recently and what we thought.

Women-Spanking-Men.Com- WOW!!! Clearly the best Female dominant site on the Internet!  This site shows videos from actual punishments that take place at a real disciplinary institute for naughty males.  There is a beautiful and strict disciplinarian who administers some of the hardest punishments you have ever seen.  She has a fondness for large wooden paddles.  They have a very large free section with many videos and pics.  Their members area is quite large and has more than 150 original videos of punishments that leave very real marks.  One of the best memberships I have ever purchased. Clearly the leader in providing real spanking and corporal punishment videos and pics.  As far as I know, they have more original videos that any other spanking website.    There are 4-5 different girls and one guy, who get their punishments filmed.  None of this seems to be scripted or acted, they seem to be real punishments, with tears in a few.  This is one of the few sites I keep a monthly membership to, because they update every week.  Their FREE area is larger than most sites member's area.  This week, they updated their free area with all new original pics and videos.  Currently there site has more than 300 original punishment videos.  The latest additions feature some of the hardest schoolgirl paddling we have ever seen.
Raven Hill Studios- Producer of fairly good spanking videos that are quite popular.  They offer some of the best prices on videos and often have free deals and discounts on their products.  They have a member's area that currently has 8400 images, probably close to the most on the internet.  They also offer exclusive photos and video clips from their movies.  There are quite few videos but they do not seem to update this section.  Overall they provide what they say and I found the membership to be a good deal.  Just updated 11/15/01, it seems they have added full length streaming videos on their site.  Members and non-members are able to watch full length streaming, spanking videos for a small fee.  In addition, members of the Platinum area get four full length spanking movies per month for free!
Spanking-Videos.Com- Has a ton of spanking videos, more than any site I have been to.  They  update weekly and have added more than 400 videos to their growing site.  I like the fact that they add videos, not replace.  All the videos deal with spanking and corporal punishment.  There are many different categories and all the videos have full descriptions before you download.  They have a deal with Rigid-East and bring you samples from all of their very severe corporal punishment videos.

Mrs. Birch's Discipline School- A website that focuses on strict Victorian style punishments of men by women.  This site offers many different sections in both its free and member's area.  All material contained in this site is original content, exclusive to this site.  You will find sections dedicated to petticoats, chastity, implements, Literature, original pictures from real punishments, and much more.  The member's area has much to offer, including many photosets and written accounts of punishments administered at the hands of this very strict, beautiful, and intelligent lady.  If you have ever had the desire to serve  under the complete guidance of a strict female disciplinarian who controls all aspects of your life, then this is the site you have always dreamed about.

Spanking Facts and Research- Rarely does a spanking site appear that is truly unique.  This page is dedicated to real life cases of spanking and corporal punishment as they happened to females.  You will find information on: spanked celebrities, spanking in the movies, corporal punishment research, spanking implements, newspaper articles, and a nice set of links.  Check it out.

Stingerz Website- A considerable amount of banners to navigate through to find the content, which is protected by agecheck.  But some of that is expected on a free server.  The site is small but growing. T hey do stay current with new updates of their several different galleries.  Also a good source of nice spanking drawings.

Strict Women- A very nicely put together F/m website.  Where most F/m sites tend to focus on BDSM and FemDom, this site focuses more on disciplinary and corrective type spankings and punishments.  They have recently expanded their free area enough to make it worth your visit.  You will have access to free pics, stories, and wav files.  It looks as though their member's area probably has alot to offer, but we have not been inside.  If you are a fan of F/m spankings you will find many things here to your liking.

KnottyMoon- For spanking literature there is no better place than KnottyMoon.  Their selection of books is immense and they produce some very quality stuff.  Their website at first is a little confusing.  If you do take the time to visit the non-banner links you will find some very nice and unique content including: amateur spanking, Asian spanking, bondage and torture, F/f spanking and much more.  There are many pictures on this site that I believe do not exist anywhere else on the web.  Takes a little time to figure out but worth a visit.

The Spanking Video Review Page- The Spanking Video Review Page- If you are considering buying a spanking video, then you must visit this page first.  It is a totally free site that reviews many of the spanking videos that are out there.  The reviews are very thorough and generally include pictures.  There is also a guest review section where you can read other people's review or write one yourself.  Finally, there is a section where you can request a video to be reviewed to see what others thought, before you buy it.  A very good site that you shouldn't miss.

The Spanking Digest-  A new and comprehensive site that is run by a woman that is into the scene.  The site covers all aspects of spanking and corporal punishment and has a large section dedicated to childhood memories of spankings.  The updates are frequent and the content is of good quality.  I found the member's area to be a good deal and have been back frequently ever since.

Kane Online- If you have been interested in corporal punishment and spanking for any length of time, you have no doubt heard of Kane magazine.  They have been around for more than 25 years and provided us with some of the very first spanking pics ever produced.  They have now entered the online world with a fine new website.  The site is very well put together and loads fast.  You can find exclusive movies, pictures, and stories on this site.  You can also buy their somewhat hard to find magazine direct from the website.  A site that is well worth a visit and has absolutely none of the features that make so many sites today annoying and hard to navigate.

RedHot Video- This company is quickly gaining a reputation for some of the best spanking videos around.  The website in which you can purchase the videos is great as well.  They have sample pics from all of their videos and you will see well spanked bottoms of some very gorgeous women.  All of the content on this site is original and not found anywhere else on the web.  In addition, they have one of the best spanking link list around.  If you  are looking for good videos or just a great spanking website, you will not be disappointed.

Tri-Spank- This site appears to be one of the largest spanking sites on the web.  Their updates are frequent, their galleries have fresh pictures, they have many videos I have never seen before, and the site is giant.  Of particular interest is the real accounts section, which featured some of the best true spanking stories I have ever read.  There site is good enough that it is worth it just to view their large selection of free samples.  Two thumbs up! This site is gaining in popularity, and for good reason.  Since Bernice began filming her own exclusive content this year, she has compiled over 30 galleries of new and never before seen spanking images.  The site seems to focus on creative, staged spanking scenarios that mostly involve F/f punishments, though there are some M/f punishments scattered throughout the site.  The models are very cute and many of the punishment scenes involve women in uniform (nurse, maid, army girls...etc).  The punishments here are not as severe as on some sites, usually no marks are left, but if you like to see cute girls getting sexy punishments then this site is for you.  Bernice has also included spanking stories, chat and message board, and an online store where you can buy her full length videos. Ran by a hot little submissive, Laura, and her Master, Sir M, this site contains some excellent spankings.  The punishments include a good variety of implements and there are some interesting scenarios such as "First Suspension", where poor Laura is suspended from the ceiling by her ankles and punished.  As the site states, these are all very real punishments for real digressions, and marks are occasionally left.  The site includes a Free Area, an Adult Check Area (which is a bit difficult to navigate because of the use of frames), and a Members Area.  At the time of this review the Members Area contained only 9 galleries of pictures and 9 galleries of videos but the site is updated often and consistently.  Besides, they seem to focus on quality rather than quantity.  The videos and images are some of the best quality we have seen and the punishments are right on the mark.  Subscribers can even purchase their favorite punishments on VHS or CD. -An unusual site with an emphasis on information and help and advice for people interested in spanking. The owner clearly understands his subject and brings that expertise to the business of trying to help the novice. He also runs courses and classes for the novice or experienced spanker who wants to enjoy the 'scene'. The rest of the site contains picture galleries, videos and stories but it is in its advice and help pages which make it unique among spanking sites.

Yes Mistress -Yet another outstanding site produced by Bernice.  This is a Femdom site that focuses on domestic and fetish punishments of naughty men by beautiful, dominant women.  Content includes lots of straight spanking, as well as animal training, foot and shoe worship and other fetish training.  At the time of this review (11/7/01), the site was brand new and already had over 300 pictures and over 20 videos!  The site is updated often and Bernice has advised it will have around 1000 pics and over 50 videos within 60 days of it going online.
PNP Productions -For those of you who are familiar with RSVP, you will immediately recognize this spankophile.  Leah, one of RSVP's most popular models, has started her own website and is now producing her own spanking videos.  At the time of this review the site was relatively new and therefore had just a few galleries of videos and pictures along with some spanking stories and links.  However, there is alot of potential for this site.  As Leah produces more sessions, the site will certainly grow in content.  Also, Leah has done some very original things with this site to make it stand out:  users can submit their own stories to be posted; they plan to eventually accept user submitted spanking movies, convert them to full length VHS and sell them on the site; as well as an auction where users can purchase actual implements used in her videos.  A must see!


Club Corporal -A huge site with a large amount of all exclusive, original spanking content.  The girls are cute, the punishments range from moderate to severe and the site producers are continually filming new material for updates.  The site has both a free area (quite extensive) and a members area protected by Ibill.  The free area can be a bit confusing to navigate through, but if you stick with it there are lots of good examples of what is inside.  Once inside, the members area is separated into two main areas: The Girls Area and The Library.  The Girls Area contains all the pics and videos of the girls, as well as some bio information on each girl.  The Library is where you can find great, all original spanking stories.  Cute models, good punishments...this site is sure to please.

Girls-Boarding-School -A very clean and easy to navigate site.  The site includes all exclusive spanking pictures and videos.  The free area contains a good selection of pictures  and seems to be a good representation of what is inside the members area.  The members area is protected by Inet-Cash, as well as a dialer option.  Once inside, members have full access to over 20 galleries of exclusive spanking pictures and spanking videos.  The site is updated weekly so the content will grow fast.  The model is cute, the spankings leave here with a red ass and the site is clean....a definite must see! 

SpankOCam - All one can say!  One of the longest running, and best quality spanking sites we have seen.  SpankOCam's content revolves around live, streaming spanking sessions involving several very beautiful girls.  The site offers daily live spanking sessions with video, sound and chat!  Site also includes picture and video galleries (previous live sessions are archived for viewing online), a message board, slide shows and much more.  Easy to navigate site with a free area and members area protected by CCBill.  Don't miss out on this one!

Rosaleen Young - One of the most beautiful and freshest faces we have seen in the spanking world in a long time.  Rosaleen is a gorgeous 19 year old with one helluva spakable ass.  As her site explains, she has been a submissive pretty much all of her life but is just now beginning to explore her spanking and bondage curiosities.  Fortunately for us, she has decided to share her explorations with us!  The site is broken up into two main categories: Spanking & Bondage.  This site is unique in the fact that it is not a true membership site.  Rather, you purchase the photo sets you would like to see using bondage tokens.  This allows you to see only the content that interests you most, without having to pay a full membership price.  The site is a bit small right now, but the content is more than worth a visit and there will be more content to come.  Visit Rosaleen now and you will not be disappointed! One of the best true spanking/BDSM websites we have seen.  Ran by the sadist Alebeard and his cohorts, Paintoy produces outstanding spanking and BDSM content.  Everything is included here: BDSM, spankings, canings, whippings, paddlings, sadomasochism and corporal punishment.  Galleries upon galleries of spanking/BDSM pictures and videos, pay per view videos, cd's, and more!  Excellent content, easy navigation and a great collection of gorgeous slaves who can take a real punishment make this site stand out from the rest!  This is one webmaster who wouldn't mind taking his turn with Carmen!  What a hot little Paintoy she makes!

Far East Media- An excellent combination of hard spankings, beautiful girls and sex!  Joe and his crew seem to specialize in giving great spankings that almost always end up in some sort of sexual contact.  Site has a free area and the members area is protected by Globill.  Lots of exclusive spanking videos in RealPlayer format and available for purchase on DVD and VHS.  Gorgeous girls, severe spankings and all out fucking.  You can't ask for much more! One of the newest spanking sites on the net, and surely one that will raise the bar in regards to site design.  This is one of the easiest websites to navigate we have seen!  Loads of spanking content for such a new site, although the spankings do tend to run a bit light.  What little is lacking in severity is more than made up for in variety of models and content.  At the time of this review the site contained over 50 image galleries, over 30 video galleries containing 2 - 4 video clips each, and several spanking stories.  The site is updated twice a week with all new content so it is almost guaranteed not to stagnate.  All in all a great new addition to the online spanko community. If you have been in the scene for any amount of time at all you will quickly recognize the name Mark E. DeSade.  Master DeSade has been punishing naughty women for almost twenty years and knows how to effectively apply an implement.  His personal site, is where you can read all about this accomplished disciplinarian and learn how to schedule your own session.  You can also see free examples of his spanking videos, stories, novellas and even see pictures of his personal dungeon.  His film site,, is where you can purchase all of his full length spanking videos on VHS and CD.  Finally, want to see his videos full screen but do not want to order?  No problem, see MarkEDeSade.TV to view his videos full screen on your computer!  Regardless of the format you choose, you will not be disappointed.  Severe M/f punishments at their best! Providing outstanding F/m and F/f punishments for over five years.  Kelly Payne is a true spanking enthusiast and it shows in her outstanding website.  A huge site containing hundreds of spanking pics (great selection of vintage spanking pics), spanking videos (both downloadable and streaming), spanking stories, assignments and more!  The site is updated bi-weekly so there is never a shortage of fresh content.  Even order a private, in-person session with Kelly!  All in all a great spanking website and well worth a subscription.

Vixen Ladies- A great new F/m spanking site with excellent all original F/m spanking content.  These ladies know what to do with their men!  See strict beauties such as Miss Erika and Miss Chris Summers spank, cane and paddle these men as they deserve.  Galleries upon galleries of quality, high resolution pictures and videos of these beautiful women spanking men.  F/m spanking artwork, stories, DVD's & videos, a forum, phone sex and much more!  Updated regularly and often.  Visit now!


Sound Punishment- "The premier site for unique images and videos depicting the genuine chastisement of women by their menfolk"...probably one of the greatest all time spanking site descriptions ever!  A great new site featuring outstanding spanking pictures and spanking videos.  The videos are of excellent RealMedia quality and are a joy to watch.  Many different settings including outdoors in France!  Regular updates so visit now! Another top notch spanking site brought to you by the RealSpankings Network. offers all exclusive spanking, bondage and girl/girl sex content.  High-res photo sets accompany crisp and clear videos in both RealPlayer and Windows Media Player files, encoded for both broadband and modem users.  Every other day updates will ensure this site never gets stale.  Another quality offering from the folks who brought you

  Mood Pictures- A brand new company offering OUTSTANDING spanking videos.  Lots of F/f spankings involving some of the most beautiful models we have seen.  The site is slick and easy to navigate, offering their videos for sale on both DVD and VHS.  Visit now for great spanking videos.


Kshara Productions - Kshara Productions is definately an up and coming star in the online spanking industry. Based out of Budapest, Hungary, this production company specializes in online downloadable full length spanking movies. Their movies generally run about 30 minutes in length and are offered in the DivX format. No monthly or recurring subscription costs here. This is a true pay per view system, you buy only what you want to see. This slick setup allows you to purchase the full length movie as one large file, or for slower internet connections you can purchase individual segments of the movie without encurring additional charges. The best thing this company has going for them though is their content. Note, these spankings are not for the faint of heart. Most of the punishments range from moderate to severe, and incorporate the use of many different implements ranging from paddles to canes to the bullwhip. In addition, this production company has some of the most beutiful models found anywhere on the net, let alone in a spanking movie. Visit their site today and view any of the huge catalog of spanking movies and you will agree with us.

Bars And Stripes - offers a unique glimpse into an all female prison. These wayward women have been sentenced to the prison to pay for their crimes...and pay they do! Corporal punishment is dished out as regulalry as meals in this prison, and the Governor puts up with no deviation from the strict code of conduct. Beautiful Eastern European women, consistent and frequent updates and all exclusive and severe punishments combine to help this site stand out as unique. - If you enjoy European style corporal punishment you will love This site offers some of the most beautiful spanking models on the internet, weekly updates of all exclusive spanking content, spanking DVD's and VOD in addition to their web content, public spanking parties and much more. Have a favorite model from this website? Chances are you can meet her at one of the spanking parties. The beautiful girls and hard spanking content will fast put this website at the top of the niche.

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