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Our goal here is not to trash other spanking websites.  However, some sites out there are setup just to get your money and have no intention of providing you with the content you are looking/paying for.  This is the place to let us know about sites that are scamming people out of money, won't cancel rebills, do unauthorized charges, etc.  If you know of a site like this AND have had bad PERSONAL experiences with them, let us know below. - Beware of this site!  We have had several reports of subscribers trying to cancel their subscriptions but the site keeps rebilling.  In addition, this site is using stolen copyrighted content from other websites and advertising as their own.  THIS SITE CONTAINS NOTHING BUT STOLEN IMAGES FROM OTHER POPULAR SPANKING SITES AND WILL NOT CANCEL YOUR REBILL.  BEWARE, DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE!
Report scam sites here:

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