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Spanking Video Online 

Sites with Real Video, Avi's, Vivo's, or Mpegs:

lspic11_small.jpg (2150 bytes)

Spanking-Videos.Com- The best selection of spanking videos on the internet.  Have a huge selection of spanking and punishment videos.  Lots of free samples, monthly membership, great deal.

urbdsm1thumb_small.jpg (2438 bytes) The most and simply the best amateur spanking videos on the web.  Last time I counted, they had 180 videos exclusive to their site with both M/f and F/m.  They feature a lot of videos of real punishments.

ssusan.jpg (7665 bytes)

Blistered Butts- They have several video samples to view.  They offer a free and a member's area. There member's area is very large and has a ton of long running real videos to view.  They update their site on a very regular basis.
Sites that have videos to purchase:

v08_01.jpg (4765 bytes)

HotSpankings - From Brooks Applications.  If you have had an interest in spanking for very long at all, you have no doubt heard of Jennifer Brooks.  She has opened up a wonderful new website to sell her videos.  The focus is F/m but you can find all flavors (with the exception of M/m).  The videos are all very professional  and seem to have a very realistic feel with hard spanking action.  New 11/27/01: Jennifer has now added streaming videos.  Site currently plays 43 full length, streaming videos online!

sit008d.jpg (8574 bytes)

Sting in the Tail Productions- We recently ordered all the titles from SIT productions and we were very surprised.  They have created some of the best English discipline videos we have ever seen.  You will see beautiful ladies receive very hard spankings from the Tawse, cane, paddles, and hand.  In several of their videos young ladies are subjected to over 50 severe strokes with the cane.  

Paddles Videos- Paddles offers 15 different videos for sale currently.  All videos have full descriptions and sample photos.  Included are videos from Ms Birch (see site reviews).  I have not seen any of the videos but they seem to have attractive participants.  If someone has seen these videos please let us know.

zbotk09p.jpg (71178 bytes)

Nu-West/Leda- A company that has been producing authentic spanking and corporal punishment videos since the 70's.  They are actually broken up into three divisions, Nu-West (fem sub), LEDA (male sub), and Flag concepts (single tail whips and flagellation). 

ForeignSt4.jpg (4800 bytes)

Magnum Videos- They offer some of the very best in realistic spanking videos.  If you are a fan of hard, bare bottom paddling with heavy wooden paddles, this is the place for you.  They offer free samples from all their videos on their website. 

engjune5thumb.jpg (5486 bytes)

California Star- Some of the most popular and easiest to find spanking videos.  Their English Discipline series is particularly good.  They have a very large selection of spanking and Fetish videos.  

shadowlane.jpg (57277 bytes)

Shadowlane- Produce high quality spanking videos.  They have a wide assortment of videos, from erotic to punishment style.  I recommend their videos to couples who are wanting to explore spanking and related activities.  

Red Hot Video!- Producers of quality spanking tapes.  The videos feature attractive young dancers getting hard, bare bottom, otk spankings.  The reviews I have read praise these videos quite highly for hard otk action.  

tn_16_154.jpg (4270 bytes)

Raven Hill Studios- Have many spanking tapes for sale.  They do a wide variety of scenes, all M/f.  The spankings are good and mostly authentic.  Their candid tapes such as the "Beach Girl Spankings" series are some of their better work.  Some of the youngest and cutest models around. 

Backyard3_small.jpg (1983 bytes)

Amateur Spankings- A site that produces their own amateur spanking videos.  All of the models are young and attractive.  The videos we have seen of theirs are quite good.  This is true amateur spanking at its best.  They deal realistically with "daddy/daughter" discipline.  Long lectures, hand spankings, strappings and more.  One of the videos we watched the "daddy" takes the girl outside and gives her a strapping in the backyard.  The spankings are not particularly severe, but they make up for it with cute models and realistic scenarios.
  Over The Knee Productions- For those of you who are familiar with Mark E. DeSade, you know he is serious about his punishments.  This website is where you can view samples from and purchase his outstanding spanking videos.  He currently has eight video releases, including the five part instructional video "Spanking From Top To Bottom".  All releases are available on vhs and dvd.  Severe spankings from a true spanking professional.  

  Dragon Films- A relatively new fetish video producer based out of Brazil.  This company produces a wide variety of fetish films on VHS and DVD.  Themes include spanking, fem dom, smothering, tickling, trampling, cat fights and much more.  Beautiful Brazilian girls and hardcore fetish content...a great match!  Site offers downloadable samples of their content.


RealSpankingVideoProductions- RSVP has been producing quality spanking videos for many years now.  A wide variety of models and scenes helps to keep this company's videos fresh and exciting.  Videos offered on both VHS and DVD.

Mood Pictures- A brand new company offering OUTSTANDING spanking videos.  Lots of F/f spankings involving some of the most beautiful models we have seen.  The site is slick and easy to navigate, offering their videos for sale on both DVD and VHS.  Visit now for great spanking videos.


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