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Severe Spanking

There are many sites coming out now that deal with the stricter side of spanking and corporal punishment.  Here is a listing of a few that we like. One of the larger picture and video sites that deals with severe spanking.  They have a six different galleries, including both males and females with marked bottoms.  The pictures are sorted according to severity.  They also have several videos that show pretty strict punishments.

Women-Spanking-Men.Com- The paddling videos at this site define severe.  You will not see harder F/m punishments anywhere on the web.
Russian Spanking and Bondage Page- A nicely put together site that frequently features galleries with severe spankings.  Currently the "hard spanked butts" and several of the galleries in "private pictures" show the results of hard corporal punishment. The "punishment videos" in their free area are some of the hardest spanking videos I have ever seen.  The "Marks 1-3" galleries and the "Severe series 1 & 2", and the "Slave Judy Hall" gallery feature very severe spankings and punishments.  
Punished Males- The lady that runs this site teaches other ladies how to "properly" discipline their men.  Everything that she recommends seems pretty strict.  The videos and pics of her punishing her own husband are very real and he usually ends up very marked and bruised.

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