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Would you like to increase the traffic to your spanking website?  A Good review and a link from our page adds hundreds of hits a day to your spanking website.  Here is how it works:
  • Submit the URL of the website that you would like to have reviewed.
  • We will visit every gallery in your site.
  • If we feel you have a quality website that we enjoyed, we will add your link, with our review, to the appropriate category(s) on our site.
  • Things we generally do not like in a site:
    • Blind links, pop-ups, consoles.
    • So many banners that it is hard to find the content.
    • Sites that promise one thing but provide another.
    • Sites on free adult content servers.
      • If you have an exceptional site on a free server (ex. fsn, majorhost, porncity) we will still consider placing your link.
  • The whole premise of this site is to help people eliminate all the bullshit when trying to find quality spanking sites.
  • If your site is just one big scam with very little content, please do not submit your site to us.
  • To help boost the traffic of all the quality sites listed here, we ask that you place our small banner (below) with a link to our site.

Submit your site here for review:

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