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Picture Sets

Here we feature spanking photos that have become very popular or are new to the web.  Our goal is to point you to the site where that pictures originated, so they will get full credit for their good work.  

Women-Spanking-Men.Com- This site provides what most spanking sites lack, REAL PUNISHMENTS.  No bullshit dialog, only very real punishments including heavy wooden paddles.  Below are some pics from the punishments that took place in March on their page.

k2session11.jpg (151940 bytes) k2session33.jpg (152167 bytes) k2session41.jpg (117784 bytes) ksession119.jpg (169468 bytes) ksession123.jpg (170121 bytes)
ssessionhires02.jpg (216730 bytes) ssessionhires10.jpg (125051 bytes) ssessionhires11.jpg (136361 bytes) beforeafter.jpg (112108 bytes)

Nu-West- Nu-West/Leda has more spanking videos than any company that I know of.  Their pictures are used liberally all over the web.  Especially popular are the videos featuring their model Debbie.  Below are a couple picture sets where she is featured.  Nu-West just released a "Best of Debbie" video this year.

Video Title unknown
nuwest02.jpg (165992 bytes) nuwest03.jpg (99199 bytes) nuwest04.jpg (165939 bytes) nuwest05.jpg (175563 bytes) nuwest07.jpg (102547 bytes)
Video Title unknown
nuwest08a.jpg (35155 bytes) nuwest08b.jpg (44826 bytes) nuwest10.jpg (38466 bytes) nuwest13.jpg (41849 bytes) nuwest14.jpg (43015 bytes) The folks over at have been busy!  They have recently posted two awsome updates to their members area: a cheerleader punishment with 4 videos, two animations and over 200 pics; and a schoolgirl punishment with 4 animations and over 400 pics!  If you ever wanted to see a real cheerleader and/or schoolgirl punishment then go there now!

Cheerleader punishment, 4 videos and over 200 pictures
cheer1.jpg (151216 bytes) images/photos/cheer2.jpg (165684 bytes) images/photos/cheer3.jpg (167569 bytes) cheer4.jpg (166657 bytes) cheer5.jpg (95204 bytes)
Schoolgirl punishment, over 400 pictures!
deskpaddle01.jpg (51346 bytes) deskpaddle02.jpg (52470 bytes) deskpaddle03.jpg (50808 bytes) deskpaddle04.jpg (52300 bytes) deskpaddle05.jpg (52682 bytes)

Red Hot Video- Pictures from their latest video "Red Assed Lap Dancing 12".  See review of their site on "Site Reviews".

HillarIy-II-smoke-2.JPG (62580 bytes) Hillary2HH-F15.JPG (70287 bytes) Hillary2HH-F3.JPG (68118 bytes)
Hillary2-S12.JPG (65522 bytes) Hillary2-S6.JPG (70367 bytes) Hillary-B2.JPG (56873 bytes)

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