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Spanking Implements - We only list sites who produce quality products and with whom we have ordered implements from.

WoodRage Paddles - Quality, hand crafted paddles at factory direct prices.  WoodRage Paddles produces a variety of quality implements coming in a large selection of shapes and materials.  Now offering laser engraving of the paddles, and as always custom orders are welcome. - Professionally handcrafted canes at affordable prices.  Having been crafting canes for over three years Ebay seller "wredstone" has finally decided to start a website advertising and selling his fine products. offers the all around best handcrafted canes on the net.  Using only premium grade Kooboo rattan canes are light, flexible and easy to maintain.  Choose from a wide variety of styles and designs such as the Traditional School Cane or the vicious Rattan Birch Rod, or place a custom order for a cane made to your specifications.  Great canes at great prices!


The London Tanners - Many words come to mind when using a London Tanners implement: quality, craftsmanship, beauty.....damn that hurt!  The London Tanners produces beautifully hand crafted reproductions of classic Victorian spanking implements.  Master British Leatherworker Ian Hamilton-Head has been producing high quality leather goods since 1971.  This experience has resulted in some of the best leather implements found anywhere.  A huge assortment of leather paddles, straps, strops, belts, tawses, whips and martinets all lovingly hand crafted by a true professional. - SpankInc is devoted to the lifestyle and toys of BDSM. These handcrafted spanking implements will take your sub to new heights of pain and ecstasy! Quality, handcrafted wooden paddles, leather straps, beautifully engraved paddles and much more help this implement craftsman stand out from the rest. Lady D from the RealSpankings Network says "Warning, these implements are not for the faint hearted, but are meant to satisfy only the true spanko!". Fast order processing, excellent customer service and an outstanding product will keep this company around for a long time.